Beginner to Advanced Photography Concepts

11th June22 to 14th August22

Weekend's (Saturday & Sunday)


2:30Pm to 4:30Pm

Govindaraja Nagar/ Vijaynagar

Housing Board Junction, Magadi Road


28900/- INR

Maximum 5 students

This three month course is an intensive exploration of how the mind responds to a scene, how the eye can find the photographic composition … intuitively and how to achieve that vision through your camera. We completely focus on technical instruction, visual challenges presented to each of us, compounded by the prejudices and existing mindsets that keep us from truly capturing the photos that place you in the same level of the masters, understanding what separates a photographer from an artist. This course is suitable for Beginner or intermediate level photographers and the class is limited to five students to ensure an intimate environment, fostering the best learning opportunities possible.

Module 1: Introduction and Understanding of Camera

Introduction to Camera
Understanding of Frame, Subject and Angles
Understanding of Auto Modes.

Module 2: Techniques to Practice

How to care for your lenses and camera body
Format – JPEG and RAW
Rule of third
How to hold a camera?
Tripod/Right way of balancing yourself
Breathing technique
Distractions /Background

Module 3: Natural and Artificial Lights

Right time to take pictures
Low Light Techniques
Artificial Lights (Flash, Torch, Candle etc)
Using your Camera Flash.

Module 4:

Flash Exposure Compensation
Focal Length
Focus Point/F-Point/Point of Focus
Techniques to enhance Focus point in an Image
ISO and what does it do?
White Balance
Exposure Bracketing
Depth of Field
Different types of Metering Modes

Module 5: Manual Modes/Creative Modes

P Mode: Program AE
Aperture Mode (AV)
Shutter Speed (TV)
Relation between Aperture and Shutter Speed What happens to the performance of the lens at various f/stops?
Manual Mode (M)
Relation between Shutter Speed, Exposure, ISO, White Balance and AEB

Module 6:

Custom White Balance
Stop Value or Exposure Stops
Theory of Reciprocity
Camera Metering and Exposure
How to Read Histograms
Auto Focus and Focus System
Sensor Size - Focal Length Relation
MTF Chart

Module 7:

Lux Meter/Light Meter - Incident Metering
Triggers and Flash
Different Softbox, Honey Comb and Umbrella uses
Strobe Lights and Continious Light
Different Light Techniques

Module 8: Post Processing Techniq

Lightroom and RAW essentials

  • General Settings
  • White Balance - Eye dropper option
  • Tonal Settings
  • Vibrance and Saturation
  • Highlights and Shadows
  • Whites and Blacks
  • Clarity
  • Sharpen and Noise Reduction (Bit of masking feature)
  • 1.9 Local Adjustments (isolated areas of photographs)

Photoshop Essentials

  • Layers
  • Levels
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Removing
  • Blur - Field and Gaussian
  • Masking
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Blending Exposures
  • Apply Image for Blending Exposure
  • Luminosity Masking
  • Photo Stacking
  • Saving in sRGB mode - advantages

I am a complete beginner in photography. Is this Workshop recommended for me?

Absolutely! This Workshop does not assume any pre-existing knowledge of photography and is suitable for learners of all skill levels. If you are a complete beginner, you should sign up for the Workshop right away, as we're sure you'll find it really helpful!

I don't own a DSLR and have only a compact digital camera. Will this Workshop still be useful for me?

Yes. The fundamental concepts of digital photography are common to DSLR and compact digital cameras, so it will still be useful, and you'll be able to try a majority of the discussed concepts practically if your compact camera has manual controls. However, in order to make the most out of the Workshop, we recommend you hire a DSLR from us for the two days. Please talk to us for details.

How do I register for the Workshop?

You can register for the Workshop in the contact us page or calling us on +91-9740471400, or emailing us at

How do I pay the Workshop fee?

We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. Details will be shared when we receive your enquiry.

What should I get to the Workshop?

Please bring your camera and kit lens, a fully charged battery, a memory card with sufficient space for a day's photography, and your camera manual.

I have paid for the Workshop but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

If you cannot attend the training after paying for it, let us know a week before the class commencement. we'll give you a credit note for 100% of the amount, which can be used to avail of any of our services. If you let us know after that or in during the traing we cannot issue a credit note, nor can we make cash refunds under any circumstances.

*Please Note - If you do not attend the class for more than ten days without informing us through mail then your classes will be terminated and your fee will not be re-funded.


Veda VS   Immigration Specialist, IBM
It was a great experience for me, Capture 'O' Graphy gave me the right start towards photography. Great fun, Talks from experts gave it another level of experience. ppl interested in wildlife photography got great buddies here... :P
Yathiraju N, Manager, Capgemini
A very big Thanks for Kiran and his team for conducting and sharing the knowledge on Photography, Activities are well placed and phased for a beginner to understand the photography skills and techniques. Looking forward for your next workshop.....Cheers!!
Catherine Parson  Managing Director of Principle Selection Ltd, London
I have used twice the services of Capture 'O' Graphy and was really impressed with 1- the professional approach; 2- the quality of the pictures. Kiran spent very valuable time with me to understand exactly what I needed; I didn't have to correct anything as the results were better than what I expected. We had to do lots of external pictures on top of the internal ones. Kiran is not just any photographer; he is someone who is passionate about life and how to capture the essence of it.
Kiran H T, Sr.Software Engineer, LG India
I liked the way Kiran transferred his knowledge about photography to the people around him. I can now very confidently tell that I have a decent knowledge on camera parts and how to use it and about the technicalities. I recommend this workshop to guys who want to get good hold on photography. Looking forward for your next workshop...Kudos to C'O'G...Cheers!!